• Oxygen
    Unique, multi-player, Sci-Fi stealth game.
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Multi-player Stealth Action

On your way to a nearby mining colony, your ship is damaged and you are trapped on the damaged vessel with your fellow passengers. Rescue will arrive long after the Oxygen runs out. What if there were less people on board? What if you aren't the first one to think of that?

Coming in 2016 for PCs and consoles. See full details in our Q and A.

  • Sony Playstation
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Windows 10
  • Apple Store
  • Steam PC/Mac
  • Stealth Action
  • Single Player vs. AI
  • Multi-player and Co-op
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Twitch Streaming

Press Coverage

Cultured Vultures

Cultured Vultures

Jimmy Donnellan from Cultured Vultures interviewed us about what it's like to be an indie game developer and what's new with Oxygen.

The Gaming Ground

The Gaming Ground

Jonas Elk over at TGG interviewed us about indie game development, our history and plans for Oxygen.



The ProjectMQ team is working hard to provide Indie Developers with new opportunities.

4 Guys with Quarters

4 Guys with Quarters

Our first interview about Oxygen was featured on Twitch TV and the 4 Guys with Quarters team's channel.

"We all can't wait to see more of your game Oxygen as it gets closer to release."

Oxygen Teaser Trailer 1

Oxygen Teaser Trailer 2

Oxygen Game Details

Players live in a distant future where faster-than-light space travel, gravitic control and many other technologies are commonplace. Starting out, players are on board a large transport ship headed to a mining colony when disaster strikes. The ship is hit by a tiny meteorite and main power is knocked out. Players must find a way to survive.
Player advancement and development will be apparent from the player's leaderboard rankings, earned achievements and standard and unique item possession.
Several different game-play modes will be available:
1. Survival mode: the last player/team living will have enough resources left to survive and wins.
2. Escape mode: a single escape vessel is available, the first player/team to use it wins.
3. Capture mode: the player/team that can stay in the target zone for 2 minutes without interruption wins.

Both teams can lose if time runs out before completing the win requirements.
Player characters will be available in both male and female with multiple nationalities available and some basic clothing color customizations.
Oxygen will support Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows (Steam), Windows 10 (Store) and MacOS (App Store) on launch. More/different platforms may become available over time.
Oxygen single-player mode is strictly vs. AI. You will be able to pick the number of opponents, their difficulty level and basic characteristics (aggressive vs. stealthy, for example). There will not be a single-player story mode.
Oxygen is a multi-player first game. Between 2 and 4 players can participate in any game. Players can play in "vs" mode - every player for themselves - or in co-op mode (pairs). Each level will support most of the available multi-player gameplay modes.
Oxygen is slated for simultaneous launch on all platforms in early 2016.
We are proud to be using the Unity 5 game engine, GameSparks cloud services, models from Mixamo and many great assets from the Unity Asset store. Artwork is done in Autodesk Maya and Mudbox, Adobe Creative Cloud and Allegorithmic Substance tools.

Oxygen will be a complete game on launch. We have no plans for DLC or episodic content.

A level editor is not planned for launch but may be made available later.
We do not plan to provide the ability to import any content at launch.
We are planning to have this support at launch so that 2-3 players can add 1-2 AI characters.
Killing off fellow players would be considered murder which would jeopardize a player's ability to continue onto future levels. Even attempted murder using your wrench as a melee weapon may make the ambient AI system quarantine you.